Where To Buy Wallpaper In Stores

Where To Buy Wallpaper In Stores

Where To Buy Wallpaper In Stores

Introduction to Selecting the Right Wallpaper

Selecting the right wallpaper for your space can be an exciting yet challenging task. With an array of designs, colors, and textures available, it's pivotal to make an informed choice that not only complements your interior design but also matches your lifestyle and preferences. Here, we delve deeper into how to make the best choice for your walls.

Understanding Different Types of Wallpaper

Before making any decisions, it's crucial to understand the different types of wallpaper. From vinyl and embossed to flocked and foil, each type has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are easy to clean, others offer a rich texture, and some have unique design possibilities.

Assessing Your Space

The wallpaper design should go hand in hand with the space it will be applied to. Bright, patterned wallpaper can make a small space look even smaller, while a darker design can add depth to a large room. It's always advised to consider the size, light conditions, and purpose of the room before settling on a design.

Lighting and Wallpaper

The amount and type of natural light in a room can have a significant impact on the wallpaper's look. Daylight can accentuate the colors and patterns, while rooms with less light may require a lighter colored wallpaper to prevent them from looking gloomy.

Choosing the Right Design

The design of the wallpaper should reflect your personal style and complement the decor of the room. Consider the existing color scheme, furniture, and decorative items while choosing the wallpaper design. If your living space is filled with patterned furnishings, a simpler design might be a better choice, and vice-versa.

Considering the Mood

Wallpaper can drastically influence the mood of a room. Brightly colored, lively patterns can make a room feel energetic and lively, while understated pastels and textural wallpapers can lend a calming, serene vibe.

Maintenance and Durability

Lastly, maintenance aspects should be considered. Certain types of wallpaper are more long-lasting and easy-to-clean than others. So while choosing the right wallpaper, think about the room’s usage. A kitchen or kids' room may need a more durable, washable type compared to a guest room.

The Importance of Quality and Design in Wallpapers

When decorating your home, office, or any space, wallpaper plays a significant role. It has the power to transform an area, create a particular mood, influence the perception of space, and reflect your personal style. As such, the quality and design of your wallpaper of choice are as crucial as the furniture or other fixtures in your room.

Quality of Wallpaper

The quality of wallpaper is directly linked to its durability and longevity. High-quality wallpaper may cost more upfront, but it can withstand wear and tear over time, making it more cost-effective in the long run. It can resist fading, even when directly subjected to sunlight, and it can be more resistant to damage or easy to clean when handling inevitable marks or spills.

Design Aesthetics and Impressions

Wallpaper design is about more than just colour; it encompasses patterns, textures, and finishes. Whether you prefer a classic, patterned, textured, or contemporary design, your choice will shape the atmosphere and aesthetic appeal of your room. Each design carries a certain uniqueness and character, contributing to the overall feel and impression of a space.

Design and Space Perception

Crafty wallpaper design can manipulate how we perceive space. Light colours can make a smaller room appear larger, while darker shades create a cosy, intimate feel. Vertical patterns in wallpaper can give an illusion of raised ceiling height, while horizontal patterns lead to rooms feeling more extended and spacious.

The Relationship between Wallpaper Quality and Installation

The quality of the wallpaper significantly impacts its installation process. High-quality wallpaper is often easier to hang due to its thickness and less susceptibility to tearing or stretching. A less qualitative wallpaper can be more challenging to work with and may demand more time and attention for a smooth, seamless finish.

Importance of Choosing a Reliable Wallpaper Store

To ensure both the quality and design of your wallpaper, sourcing from a reliable vendor is crucial. A reputable store will offer a wide variety of high-quality designs to choose from, aiding in your selection of the best wallpaper to meet your specific requirements and taste. They can provide advice based on their expertise and guide you through the process of choosing the right wallpaper for your space.

Brick and Mortar Stores: A Comprehensive Guide

Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, tradition has its place. Brick and mortar stores still have a substantial presence, providing a tactile shopping experience one can't find online. You can physically see, touch, and measure the wallpaper, gaining a firsthand impression of its texture and color accuracy that no online images can capture. Various stores, big and small, cater to different clientele. Let's delve into some options:

General Home Improvement Stores

General Home Improvement stores are ubiquitous and a popular place to purchase wallpaper. Large chain stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, and Menards offer a wide range of wallpapers in various designs and materials. They cater to all price points - whether you're seeking a budget-friendly pick or an extravagant print, you're likely to find it on their shelves.

Specialty Wallpaper Stores

Known for high-quality, unique, and upmarket types of wallpaper, specialty stores provide a more curated selection than general stores. Stores like Farrow & Ball, Designer Wallcoverings, or Graham & Brown, stock both trendy designs and historically accurate reproductions for those seeking a specific style for their homes.

Discount Stores

Outlets such as Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Ross also tend to carry wallpaper. These selections may not be as extensive as other retailers, but you can often find good deals. For those decorating on a tight-budget, these stores can provide excellent value.

Local Independent Stores

Don't overlook your local mom-and-pop shops. While they may not carry the volume of bigger outlets, you may find unique wallpapers that cater more specifically to your local trends and aesthetic. Plus, shopping local supports the community!

Big-Box Retailers

Big-box retailers like Walmart or Target have also dipped their toes into the wallpaper market. While their collections may not be as extensive, these stores are easy to access and often offer decent quality wallpapers for a budget-friendly price.

Fabric Stores

Some fabric stores like Joann's also sell a selection of wallpaper. If you're looking for something that comprehensively matches your upholstery or curtains, it may be worth taking a peek in your local fabric store.

Salvage Stores or Vintage/Thrift Shops

Finally, for those seeking a retro or vintage feel, don't discount your local salvage store or vintage shop. Though the selection will be hit-or-miss, if you find something, it'll definitely be one of a kind.

Remember, the key to finding the perfect wallpaper for your home is to be patient and keep an open mind. Happy shopping!

Choosing the Ideal Wallpaper Store: Factors to Consider

When selecting a wallpaper store, there are several factors that you need to consider. Your choice of store can impact the quality, price, and variety of the wallpaper you can choose from. Here are some key points to keep in mind.

Variety of Wallpaper Designs

Your preferred design style should be catered for by the wallpaper store you choose. Wallpapers come in a diverse range of patterns, colors, and materials. Make sure the store offers a wide enough selection to cater to your tastes, whether they are modern, Victorian, rustic, or otherwise.

Quality of Wallpapers

The quality of the wallpapers is another significant factor to consider. Quality is typically tied to price, but it's also determined by aspects like the paper's thickness, ease of application, resistance to damage, and how well the print holds up over time.

Customer Service

Quality customer service is a factor that should never be overlooked. Staff should be knowledgeable and willing to assist with queries related to wallpaper selection and application. They should be able to provide useful advice to help you make the right decision.

Price Range

Wallpapers can range in price significantly based on factors like design, brand, and quality. The right store should offer options that fit within your budget. Remember, while you may be tempted to cut costs, it's important to balance budget with quality and style.

Affordability vs. Quality

While it's important to stick to your budget, remember to balance cost with quality. Cheaper wallpapers may not last as long or look as appealing. Weigh your options carefully to make a decision.

Brand Selection

Most high-quality wallpapers are offered by well-known brands in the industry. Choosing a store that stocks these reputable brands can be a good indicator of the selection and quality you can expect.

Return and Exchange Policy

The store's return and exchange policy is another important consideration. Make sure you know the store's policy before you buy. In case you change your mind or encounter an issue with the wallpaper, knowing the store's policies can save you a lot of hassle.

Top Wallpaper Stores in Major Cities

Shopping for wallpaper can be an exciting venture as you explore various styles, patterns, and textures. The following is a list of the top wallpaper stores in major cities.

Flavor Paper - Brooklyn, NY

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Flavor Paper is beloved for its bold, hand-screened designs. The company also features an exclusive Andy Warhol collection.

Walnut Wallpaper - Los Angeles, CA

A favorite amongst LA interior decorators, Walnut Wallpaper offers a range of patterns from contemporary to vintage-inspired designs.

Graham & Brown - London, UK

A well-esteemed British wallpaper manufacturer, Graham & Brown boasts a diverse collection of wallpapers that cater to a variety of tastes and budgets.

Les Dominotiers - Paris, France

For those seeking unique, custom-made designs, Parisian boutique Les Dominotiers offers a range of stunning wallpapers created by talented French artisans.

Farrow & Ball - Multiple Locations

With showrooms in cities like New York, LA, London, and Toronto, Farrow & Ball is a global name in wallpaper. Specializing in richly pigmented wallpapers, every product is environmentally friendly and crafted using traditional methods.

Online Wallpaper Retailers

If visiting a physical store is not an option, or if you prefer the convenience of online shopping, numerous online retailers offer a vast selection of wallpaper designs:


With thousands of styles, WallpaperDirect has one of the widest online collection of wallpapers, catering to all tastes and home decor styles.


Known for their fashionable and whimsical designs, Anthropologie offers an array of wallpapers that add a touch of playfulness and sophistication to any room.

The wallpapers you choose will set the atmosphere for your home. Whether you opt to shop in-store or online, these retailers promise premium, stylish products that will transform your interior spaces.

Budgeting for Your Wallpaper Purchase: Tips and Tricks

Buying wallpaper is an investment, and like any investment, it requires careful budgeting and planning. Understanding your financial boundary before purchasing will help you make smart decisions and avoid unnecessary financial stress.

Setting Up a Budget

Start by determining how much you can afford to spend on wallpaper. If possible, set aside extra funds for unexpected situations. Should there be leftover cash after buying your preferred wallpaper, it can serve as a buffer for other upcoming expenses.

Do Your Research

Prior to shopping, research the average cost of wallpaper. Prices can vary drastically depending on the material, design, and brand. You will also have to contemplate purchasing additional materials such as adhesive, primer, and tools if you are planning on installing the wallpaper yourself.

Online Vs Offline Prices

Appreciate that there may be a price difference between wallpapers sold online and in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Sometimes, buying online can be cheaper due to lesser overhead costs. Compare costs between different vendors to make sure you get the best deal.

Calculate the Exact Amount of Wallpaper Needed

Measure the size of your walls accurately to avoid buying excess wallpaper. Though having extra wallpaper can be useful for future repairs, too much of it leads to unnecessary expenses. There's plenty of online calculators available which you can use to help you in this process.

Consider the Quality

While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option, don't compromise on quality. High-quality wallpaper may cost a bit more initially, but it will likely outlast cheaper options, offering better value for the money in the long run.

Ask for Discounts

Lastly, never hesitate to ask for discounts. Some stores offer markdowns for buying in bulk or when you've been a regular customer. Remember, every little saving helps when you're shopping on a budget.

Supporting Local Businesses: Community Wallpaper Shops

Supporting local businesses is a noble initiative that not only boosts the local economy but also contributes to community development. One area where you can greatly impact is purchasing your wallpaper from community wallpaper shops. These shops are often characterized by unique collections, personal customer service and they add a touch of authenticity to your purchases.

Unique Collections

Community wallpaper shops usually have different and interesting wallpaper designs not found in big retail shops. These unique designs could be inspired by the local culture, history, or environment. This means you will likely find a wallpaper design that not only suits your taste but also gives your home a unique and personalized feel.

Personal Customer Service

When you buy wallpaper from a local shop, you are often dealing with individuals who are passionate about their products. They often offer personalized customer service. This can include guidance on how to choose the right wallpaper for your home, assistance with measurements, and advice on installation. Many also offer after-sale services, such as fittings or adjustments.

The Impact of Local Economy

Buying your wallpaper from a local shop can contribute to the local economy in major ways. You are directly supporting a local business owner and in turn, contributing to job creation within your community. Local businesses are typically known to source their materials locally too, which further helps in boosting the economic health of your locale.

Environmentally Friendly

Local wallpaper shops usually source their materials nearby, reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping and transportation. Some even offer wallpapers made from locally sourced recycled materials. These eco-friendly practices are not just good for your neighbour's business, but great for our planet too.

Giving Back To Your Community

Investing in local products not only ensures you get a beautiful and unique product, but also allows you to give back to your community. So next time you’re planning to wallpaper your home, remember to consider your local community wallpaper shops. By doing so, you are not only getting a quality product but also contributing to a greater good.

Turning Your House into a Home with Wallpaper

Investing in wallpaper is one of the most potent ways of transforming your living space into a beautiful and warm enclave. The versatility of wallpapers affords you the chance to express your creative perspective, fit your aesthetics, and set the ambience of your home based on your preferences.

Where to Buy Wallpaper

There are multiple places to buy wallpaper that will suit your needs. Some of these include home improvement stores, interior design showrooms, and online stores. Home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards often carry wallpaper in a variety of patterns, colors, and textures.

Interior design showrooms, on the other hand, provide a platform to view a wide selection of wallpapers from different designers worldwide. Online retailers like Wayfair, Amazon, and Wallpaper Direct offer delivery services right at your doorstep, thus making wallpaper shopping easy and hassle-free.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper

While shopping for wallpaper can be fun, it can also be daunting with a wide range of options available. The key lies in understanding what style you resonate with, your color preferences, and how you intend to use the wallpaper. Some people prefer a bold look for statement walls, while others opt for subtle, elegant designs for a more understated look.

Fit it to Your Budget

Wallpaper prices vary based on material, designer, and quality. It's important to determine a budget and stick to it so you can make the most of your money without compromising on quality.

The Magic of Installation

Once you have identified where to purchase your wallpaper and the right design that suits your style, the installation process comes in. If you are confident in your DIY skills, you can install it yourself. However, for more intricate designs and perfect finishes, contracting a professional wallpaper installer could be a wise decision.

The transformation in your home is bound to be astonishing following the installation of your carefully chosen wallpaper. It truly is a rewarding process, a process that turns houses into homes.